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a year ago that pat casey was involved in a fight that would cause his death. dc police have not done nearly enough to figure out exactly what happened, says the father. >> what took place outside his still very unknown. >> reporter: nearly one year later, paul casey is still looking for answers and justice. >> we think that the truth may lie with the other two people. with the person who struck our son. >> reporter: it was september 23rd of last year, about 2:00 in the morning, when his son, a former soldier who served in afghanistan, was had the his friends downtown. >> no one has characterized it as looking to pick a fight. he was just being irritating. >> reporter: police said casey was annoying other customers and after blocking the door to the restaurant got into a fight with a group of young men. according to police, just outside of the mcdonald's, casey was either punched or pushed and hit his head on the pavement when he fell. six days later he passed away and to date nobody has been charged with his death. >> they really didn't do police work. they didn't use the evidence th
. is that true? >> i thought so. >> in the casey anthony trial... >> in fact there is no nationl standard for any forensic testimony. >> the judge allowed in the smell test when it comes to death? >> and it had never been allowed in a court. >> and what about getting certified in forensics? you can do that online. >> if you want a certificate that says you are certified in forensics, this is the place to go to. >> tonight ofrontline, correspondent lowell bergman joins with propublica in an investigation of one of the increasingly controversial tools of the criminal justice system: forensic science. >> there is something that people need to understand about bad expert witness testimony and bad science: it doesn't just put innocent people in jail, it leaves murderers on the street. >> frontline is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. and by the corporation for public broadcasting. major funding is provided by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. and by reva and d
a town of robert, louisiana, where casey is standing by, like. casey, an update? >>casey: this is a river 122 miles long originating in southwest mississippi running all the way through the state of louisiana, and, actually, empties into lake pontchartrain where you are. right here in robert, louisiana, about 40 miles, or so, west of you, a very small community, on the very most southern point along the tangipaho anacostia river, with evacuations of up to 60,000 people along the stretch of river, a mile to the east of the bay and one mile to the west of the bank of this river. i'm looking at it and we cannot bring you live pictures right now but our equipment is saturated from coverage of the storm. we are look at the river and it is already spills over the banks and i am also on the other side of myself, where i am standing, there is a home, and the water is already starting to creep up into the front yard of this home. we have not had any kind of a breach of the dam in mississippi as of yet. you mentioned that it could possibly were imminent. that is what we hear from officials. if that
pontchartrain where it has been raining and hard throughout the day. casey stegall is live there on the other side of town. how is it looking on the lake? >> shepard, it's not looking good. and it's interesting when you hear janice dean talking about how this thing is still several hours away from making landfall because there have been times already where it's difficult for myself and my photographer to even stand and we're getting pounded with the rain and also the heavy winds. i wanted to show you we're getting sprayed from the lake because what's happening is the winds right now, which we have clocked at about gusts of up to 40 miles per hour. the winds are blowing very strong to the west. what that is doing is that is pushing all of the water from the lake ashore here. can you see the water blowing in and you can see it lapping ashore. what you are looking at over there, that is interstate 10. that's the interstate 10 bridge which a lot of people remember was badly, badly damaged. it was a lot of it under water during hurricane katrina. it has since been elevated and t is much higher now
reward. >> fran casey is reading a postcard with a promise. >> you have been selected to receive $100 in a gift rebate good at walmart, target and more. >> who wouldn't want to spend $100 free dollars, so casey decided to call the toll-free number on the card. >> i thought you never know. i have known people who actually won things. there's always a chance. >> when the man called michael on the other end of the phone wanted her credit card number, casey smelled a scam. >> i said, well, michael, i'll tell you what. i would like very much to verify who you say you are. i asked for his social security number. he said he wasn't going to do it. i said i'm not going to give you my credit card number and he just hung up. i just enjoy beating them at their own game. >> casey was smart. but every day consumers are duped by fraudulent mail. u.s. postal inspector laurie mcalester said the postcard $100 gifts a common scam. the newist gimmick, a debt resolution notice proms promising to lower your debt for a price. it has a seal similar to the irs. this notice states the person owes $49,000. >> u
describes each possible scenario and it has gotten a quarter million views on youtube. casey has more live from texas. casey, what else does this video tell people to do? >>casey: in a mass shooting would you know what to do? a lot of people's first instinct is to get down on the floor. wrong. security experts say, in fact, that is the last thing you want to do. it is difficult for even a trained sniper to hit a moving carpet which is why the new video stresses to run first. if there is no exit and you have to hide, try and find a quiet place like a closet or a storage room. most importantly, something you don't think about, silence your cell phone. what to do if there is absolutely zero place for you to go in watch. >> as a last resort if your life is at risk, whether you are alone or working together as a group, fight. act with aggression. improvise weapons. disarm him and commit to taking the shooter down. no matter what. >> the stuff in the video could literally be lifesaving because in the days following the tragedy in colorado we heard from a lot of eyewitnesses who say they absolute
hurricane katrina, 7 years ago. today, guys. >> you know, casey, i know you have been out and about talking to a lot of folks there. what are they telling you? what's their reaction to this? >> well, it's mixed. you know, you talk about 7 years from katrina, although, you know, it may seem like a long time for folks like you and i, for people who lived here and people who rode this storm out and lived the nightmare, it feels like it was yesterday. and so when you talk to some people, they say, each with a strong category 1, like isaac is, they were not going to take any chances and they were going to go further inland, places like texas to stay with relatives and they were going to come back when the all clear was given. on the other hand, you talk to some people who -- who believe that -- that they were going to ride this out. and that they -- that they just wanted to essentially stay in place, they were going to board up. they were going to sandbag and do what they could to defend their property and not have to flee the city. >> casey, it has to be really strange to be standing where you
declaring a public health emergency after a 9th death was reported there this week. casey is live for us in dallas the they say, casey, this is going to get worse. >>casey: august is usually the worst month for west nile virus. in the last if weeks we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of indicates which is why officials with the dallas couty health department are meeting in this building behind me to discuss how to tackle the problem. up until just now, they have only sprayed at flight for mosquitoes. that could change because of private doctor's group publicly urging the county to now do aerial spraying for the mosquitoes. >> lot of the cases are occurring in specific localities in north dallas. these are not being suppressed as completely as i would like to see. quite strikingly you look at maps and we have not been able to diminish the number of cases that significantly. >> head of the dallas health and human services division is not sold on the aerial spraying. there is concern among residents with health and things like that. so, right now any are trying to get the word ou
)"the howard county fair of course.."in barn nine: (she asks)"do you want to et em?"(fan nats) (casey)"this one is breakfast.. lunch..and dinner"16 year old casey ross is proud of her plump pigs. (casey)"this one weighs 265 pounds"visitors love to see the variety of livestock... (goat-- naaaaaa) pigs.. theyre really nice t my - pigs.. i just remind people to wash their hands afterwards." with good reason: (dr beilenson)"the only way to get this swine flu is touch a pig and touch the secretions and scare in other states, is not keeping anyone away from here. since there are been no cases of h-3-n-2 in maryland. (nats- washing pigs)-spray of water ("they keep themselves pretty clean") but health officials warn: use precautions.. (mom)"i wasnt too worried about us as long as we wash our hands and everyone has a healthy immune system i was just happy to see it was open for us to see the pigs." (little girl) "pigs..!"(nats real pig snort)(little girl)(girl immitates pig snort) there are plenty of wash stationn... which are busy: (kid)"cause of all the bacteria you can get from not wash
. >> that's right. i wrote a piece for the cincinnati pops about 1995, '96 premiered it, and it's casey at the bat, the setting of the poem to music. >> reporter: i'm going to be the guest narrater for today. we have pictures of you with john legend and chuck brown. how do you get those guests and how is it like to have people like that? >> it's a lot of fun. the kennedy center is a great draw for these artists, that they want to work with a 75, 80 piece orchestra. it's always a blast to collaborate with talent like that. we reach out to them and decide to build a program around them and with them. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: all right. any suggestions before i become the guest today? >> you have to knock it out of the park. >> reporter: and he's funny, too. let's do a little bit of it. >> little bit of casey at the bat. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the score stood 4 to 2, but with 1 inning left to play. so when coony died at second and did the same. a straggling few got up to go, leaving there the rest, with that hope which springs eternal within the human breast, for they thought, if only
rain pounding new orleans. and we just got him back. casey joins us live from new orleans. casey? >> this feels like deja vu. would you believe the the worst is not even right here in new orleans proper. it's all around us. take a look at some video. just about 11 miles southeast of where i am. an area very hard hit levy breech on the' eastern side of the mississippi river. an earthen, community built levy. this is a sending people up to their at that timic -- attics. and in afternoon, focus in the same part of the parish but on the western side of the mississippi. 3,000 people had to be evacuated including 120 nursing home residents hooked up to oxygen tanks and sitting waiting to be taken by national guard troops to a nearby naval base. it's down in the area and now, in the opposite direction southwest in the community of lafitte tonight we're hearing about he vac waigs in jefferson pairnish. some of the rescue boats unable to get into the area because conditions are not good. isaac moving very slowly. it's dumping a lot of rain and kicking up a lot of wind. and we're seeing th
daughter casey has a half brother she is very close to. i say to all of them, you are a team. you have each other through life. you are a team. you do a lot of things together as the 2 families, very, very close. >> this seems like a good moment to open up any question that is you all may want to ask about the writing process, about siblings, anything else. >>>> is there something you could read to us from the book that you would feel that we wouldn't understand unless you read it? >> you have any ideas? >> it is a real sort of testish. she has put it together like a quilt. i would say the scene that you described where you are arriving and first see him in the apple orchard, do you remember exactly where that is? >> i'll page through it and see where it is. i might do a short theme where i describe what he looks like and this perfect them. >> if you want to revert to your texas voice. >> the last time i saw my brother, we had an immense fight. it was in his house in san antonio, i am describing, the book opens with this fight. this is sort of a picture of my brother at this exact moment.
coast. kasey is in new orleans and anna is in baton rouge, louisiana. we begin with casey. actually we will have to go back to casey. can you tell me about the conditions some. >> absolutely. tropical storm isaac, it has been down graded from a hurricane, and it is indeed a slow moving soaker. it has been wreaking havac all over the region, but it is waiting to move northwest and hit us in the mat ton rouge area. we are under a curfew that began at 6:00 p.m. and end at 6:00 a.m. it does seem like people are heeding the warning. we are seeing flash flooding in and around the area. we have been getting rain all day which is saturating ground. that combined with tropical force winds have trees and power lines going down. utility officials saying about 674,000 homes and businesses are without power or cross the -- across the state of louisiana. this group has better learned how difficult it could be to get assistance. the mayor has been urging the federal government for more help. president barack obama signed a major disaster declaration for the state of louisiana. it will provide financi
're trying to reach you about your unclaimed reward. >> fran casey of falls church, virginia, is reading a postcard with an enticing promise. >> you have been selected to receive a $100 in a gift rebate good at walmart, target and more. >> who wouldn't want to spend $100 free. casey decided to call the toll-free number on the card. >> i thought that you never know, i have known people who have actually won things. there's always a chance. >> but when the man called michael on the other end of the phone wanted her credit card number, casey smelled a scam. >> and i said, well, michael, i'll tell you what, i would like very much to verify that you are who you say you are. i asked for his social security number. he said he wasn't going to do it. i said, well, i'm not going to give you my credit card number. and he just hung up. i just enjoy kind of beating them at their own game. >> casey was smart. but every day consumers are duped by fraudulent mail. >> we're very concerned. >> u.s. postal inspector mcalester said it's a common scam. we brought her our latest ma mailbag of frauds. one prom
a dozen deaths, hundreds of infects. other states are starting to see a rise in cases as well. casey stegal has more. >> reporter: with at least 15 people dead and more than 380 others infected, texas is taking the fight to the air. health officials in dallas county preparing for a full- forcaerial attack to try and control the cases of west nile virus exploding in the area. trucks dousing neighborhoods with pesticides monday night and county officials giving the go ahead for the first time in 50 years and old local communities have to approve it. >> the city needs to decide, based on our meetings early on, we talked about an integrative approach. if we're going to ship to aerial spraying, then it's up to those cities to make the decision. >> reporter: the dallas-fort worth metropolitan area is at the center of the nation's worst outbreak of the west nile virus in years. >> serious stuff. >> steven sanders was one infected with the virus and that it started with a rash, fever, and then the headaches. >> and the headaches remember numbing all of the time. >> reporter: louisiana and mi
--- was shot by police and died after he was taken into custody.casey to the shooting.... what led - 3 an eviction noticee leading a gunman to fire shots from inside his home -- wounding several people, and killing a constable serving him with the papers.this, according to police in college station, texas -- who came upon a chaotic scene:mccollum says: "there was a constable down in the front yard. as additional officers began to respond to the location, they were able to engage the gunman. they were able to, they ended up shooting the gunman."the man behind the assault rifle died after being taken into custody. his bullets flying through the neighborhood in college station ... just about two blocks from texas a&m's campus. the university, sending out an alert to students:mos says: "i heard a bullet whiz right by my room."this is at least the third mass shooting we've seen withhn the last month ... twelve dead at a colorado movie theater... and six dead at a sikh temple in wisconsin. the presumptive g-o-p nominee, reacting to the news:romney says: "clearly there's going to have to b
. >>> time for five things to know as you head out. the woman suing casey anthony over defamation is in court. she is suing because anthony initially said a fictitious baby sitter with her name kidnapped her girl. casey was acquitted of murder charges in her daughter's death. >>> the president of chick-fil- a will be a keynote speaker at chambers of commerce breakfast in atlanta. he and his company came under fire for a comments he made about same sex marriage. >>> president obama kicks off a two day campaign trip with stops in colorado and iowa. he will speak at iowa state university. obama is scheduled to speak later tonight at colorado state university. >>> funeral services for neil armstrong will be like the man himself. quiet and private. the first man to walk on the moon is going to be laid to rest friday near his home e died saturday from complications from heart surgery. >>> a song called reach for the stars is making a debut in space today. nasa plans to broadcast the tune from the curiosity rover. song is by will i.a.m. and the rover will transmit the song via radio waves back to ea
a shot glass worth for an area the size of a football field. casey is like in east dallas. casey, this was a hitch last night. what happened? >>casey: conditions have to be perfect for the assaults to commence. they have to have little wind and no rain, at all. last night there were rain showers that moved into the area. the planes had to be grounded. they will be back up again tonight. only about 52,000 acres were sprayed of the 106,000 acres that were scheduled. despite health concerns from members of the public with a lost people raising concerns over dropping chemicals from the plane. here is the dallas mayor's reaction to that. >> when you are dealing with someone's life, that should come first and foremost. when you have the science from the centers for disease control and the epa and many cities across the issue that say this is safe, this is the right decision to take. >>reporter: despite the science, there are a number of people here who still taped up their windows last night, they turned off their air conditioning. they were fearing they could become poisoned from the
analyst. casey hunt, national political reporter for the "associated press." syndicated columnnist, charles krauthammer. okay, you have been on the trail with governor romney. do you sense from the president there, what he said in the fundraising effort that the obama campaign sees movement on the romney-ryan side? >> i think that they the official talked to the press and they think it's stable. we want to look at whether or not obama above or bow low 50% and look at the romney favorability rating. are the negative ads that the obama campaign air against him working? you have seen from the romney campaign in particular that they have been watching the national tracking poll and push back on the idea he is down. that was before the paul ryan selection. we're starting to see the polls come out in the wake of that. >> bret: judge, one poll interesting, number six, the fox news poll has the country shameed for better or worse in the last four years? you see worse 46%. this is similar to a right track/wrong track, other polls that we see up to the wrong track, 60%. that is not good thin
as a gas. officials are pushing reporters back from the scene including casey who is like near the scene. casey, what is the situation where you are? >>casey: well, trace, i want to point out we are hearing conflicting reports. i cannot reiterate it because now local fire officials are saying that the tank was not leaking. however, one official did tell our own fox news channel crew that there was a chlorine tank that was bobbing in the waters of the mississippi river back here behind me. this is happening in the community which is right around the corner, a mile or association from the bend of the mississippi river over on the eastern side where this chemical storage facility is. now, braithwaite, a levee was breached in that area on wednesday, and it sent 20' of floodwaters spilling into the community and people were sent running and to the roofs to be rescued. that is where the chemical facility is. now, the company that owned that facility, we have been in touch with them. they are not telling us anything over the telephone. they are -- he hung up on my producer when we tried to get
hurricane katrina seven years ago. correspondent casey stegall has the latest for us tonight. >> good evening to you. would you believe the sun was trying to peek through the clouds a few moments ago? but the precipitation falling north of us is causing problems downstream. i want to show you what we are talk it able here. that used to be a river. tangepahoah river but the water is 19 feet over the banks. we want to give you a per speculative. the river starts up in the southwest mississippi area. runs through the state of louisiana emptying to lake pontchartrain in new orleans. it runs 41 miles along the river from kentwood, louisiana, on the map to robert. where we are. this is over fear fears that a m feeding river would burst to send floodwaters down the swollen waterway to flood many areas. officials in mississippi did controlled release with hopes to take the pressure off of it. no word on how that is going right now. torrential rains too much for the waterways. federally built levees post-katrina appear to be holding. we have seen majority of the flooding problems around new or
indeed. >> shannon green will have more on the convention we'll have coverage of the storm with casey stegal in st. benard's parish. and we'll get to janice. we got the notice from the hurricane center that they think it is a category two by the time it gets to where it is going. >> that is it a possibility. the storm is slowing down and that's the worst fear here and could be the legacy of the storm. if it slows down it could batter the gulf coast for hours and days. we are watching satellite imagery. it is eating a little bit of dry our. we have winds 70 miles per hour. and the hurricane hunters mission has seen and felt winds in excess of hurricane strength. we could see an upgrade in the 8:00 advisory and sometimes we get it early and will bring it to you. 200 miles per hour or 200 miles from the center of the storm is where we are feeling tropical storm force windine seeing the span of the storm extending further than that. and so a large storm system. the fact it is very long one of the reasons we are taking a while to get it together. we are concerned about the slowing of the s
be a free woman but -- casey anthony may be a free woman but her troublings are far from over. her problems in and out of courtroom. >> -- but her troubles are far from over. her problems in and out of the courtroom. >> the remnants of crop cal storm isaac could work its way in our area. i will tell you when coming you. >> reporter: two issues going on 97 at exit 15 and 895 debris on the roadways. we will talk more traffic coming up on the other side of the break. whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he- he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline. sfx: snorting sound. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the geico app today. i wish i could keep it this way. [ dr. rahmany ] you see, even after a dental cleaning... plaque quickly starts to grow back. but new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste can help. it not only reduces plaque... it's also clinically proven... to help keep plaque from coming back. plus, it works in these other areas dentists check most. ♪ new crest pro-health clinical plaque c
be felt well beyond the city's limits too. fox's casey steigel has the latest. >> reporter: isaac continues to grow in strength as it moves towards the gulf coast threat being to lash the region with heavy rain and winds. forecasters predict the storm to be a category two when it hits the northern gulf coast early wednesday and there is enormous concern on new orleans as ice being heads straight for the city devastated seven years ago after hurricane katrina. federal emergency management official say stronger levees around the city can handle storms stronger than isaac but the effects will be felt well beyond the big easy. >> in many areas, there are mandatory evacuations for those targeted areas. areas outside the levees, south of the intracoastal and low lying, areas that are expected to get hurricane level winds. >> reporter: florida has already effect isaac effects with strong wins and rain leaving tens of thousands of customers without power. it has left a small dent in the sunshine state. >> it's big mess but we survived. the water didn't come up as high as i was afraid of s
, because they love their country a lot. joining us now from tampa is casey hunt of the associated press, also in tampa, msnbc contributor, sam stein of the hu huffington post. i want to start, sam, with you. to sort of bring us up to the present moment, we are seeing the dreaded dual screen here which is hurricane isaac slamming into the gulf coast and republicans in tampa trying to celebrate the nomination of mitt romney. do you think that this is an issue for the rnc, should they be more aggressive in dealing with the fact that there is a natural disaster on their hands? >> i mean, obviously it's a delicate situation and clearly, you know, news media, the convention goers, the republican party itself has been monitoring what's going on. they're trying to balance it by having speakers get up there, acknowledge what's going on, say a moment of silence for people in harm's way, but the show does in some respects have to go on. this is part of the platform to launch mitt romney as a candidate for the presidency and they have to introduce him to the public at large. so yes, it's very diffi
coverage in new orleans and in baton rouge, louisiana. we begin with casey. >> actually we'll go back to casey. we'll go to anna in baton rouge interest there. can you tell me what conditions are like there? >> tropical storm isaac has been down graded from a hurricane. it's a slow-moving soaker. it's been wreaking havoc around the region but we're still waiting for it to move northwest and hit in the baton rouge area we're under a curfew that began at 6:00 p.m. and will end at 6:00 a.m. it seems people are heeding warnings and businesses are closed off and people are off the streets. and we're seeing flash flooding in and around the area. we've been getting rain all day. and which is sat rating the ground that. is with trop cal force winds and busts up to 50 miles per hour. here in baton rouge. trees and power line goesing down. utility officials saying about 674,000 homes and businesses are with out power across the state of louisiana. and this area has learned the hard way about how difficult it can to get assistance. governor bobby jindel has been urging the federal government for
rick leventhal is in alabama. correspondent casey stegall in new orleans. but we begin with meteorologist janice dean telling us where the storm is headed. jump up and shout. >> i'm glad you are having a good time. of course, all eyes are on the gulf coast because we have a really serious situation. this form is getting stronger -- storm is getting stronger. this is the best organized storm i've seen in isaac since its inception. we are dealing with strong storm, category one. they upped the winds to 80 miles per hour. there is a chance this could actually strengthen further. as it comes closer the coastline. we are expecting landfall overnight. as bret mentioned it is a slow crawl. that means more time over water. it means potential for more rainfall. gusty winds for 24 to 36 hours. we could see tropical storm force winds battering the vulnerable coastline. look at where we have the tornado watches in effect. we see the outer bands. look at the center. that is well defined. eye wall this storm is strengthening in the last several hours. those are the tornado warnings w
is back to a tropical storm with casey in new orleans, right in how does it look? >>casey: we are in plaquemines parish, not far from new orleans. it is one of the areas hardest battered. so hard, in fact, that the governor of louisiana is expected to arise at this location at any moment. that is why you see this gigantic caravan of humvees and national guard troops that are here. you have a lot of government officials. jindal will arrive. he will go see some of the damage firsthand and some of the search-and-rescuations underway as we speak. not far from here, over in an area negligent as breath -- an area of louisiana, not far from here, a town filled up with water quickly and we will check with the governor and a fall wrap on fox report we will have you all covered from that as isaac batters to region, neil. >>neil: thank you, casey, be safe. obviously, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure the longer the storm loveers and that is what it is doing, hovering, the oil prices could be hurt because you cannot get back to the refineries and the offshore drills and d
of lake pontchartrain. casey, fill us in. >>casey: we are on the northeast shore of lake pontchartrain. you talk about the weather changing as the bans cop in because we have had heave downpours here. we have clocked wind speed of 35 miles per hour on the northeast side of pontchartrain. right now the sun is coming through. i want to show you around here. we are standing on bridge 11. as you can see it is closed. bridge 11 connects new orleans to some of the northern communities, in that direction, on the north shore of the lake. it is very low. the water is already starting to come up. you can see the white caps happening ashore with the high wind speeds. over in that direction, you can see that is interstate ten. a lot of people are familiar with i-10. it is very elevated. much of that was underwater during hurricane katrina. it is now open, raised, now. it is the main highway that runs east and west through the state. further east of ten, lake pontchartrain meets up with another lake that meets up with the gulf of mexico. take a look at the video, brand new, the lake surge barrier w
back home but not last time because there stuff was at the war. this time, casey is in the lower ninth where they have made a lot of improvements. casey, life in the lower 9th is not back to normal and a lot of people are getting out of there. >>reporter: a lot of people are. but a hot of the evacuations are not mandatory. some are saying, they are taking no chances after going through hurricane katrina seven years ago. aside from the standard boarding up of houses and the closing of storm shutters you see people doing as you drive through the neighborhoods, as you know, a lost focus is on the levees. many improvements have been made over the last seven years but, today, and, also, just through the last 48 hours the army corps of engineers has been out inspenting the levees and, also, the southeast louisiana flood protection authority, today, closing floodgates with some of the waterways around the city, and in some of the lower-lying areas, the giant baskets are being put into place. you can see from the video they are large american cylinders filled with sand that act as a barrier. o
..and dinner"16 year old casey ross is proud of her plump pigs. (casey)"this one weighs 265 pounds"visitors love to seee the variety of livestock... (casey-closer)"i let em pee myy pigs.. theyre really nice pigs...i just remind people to wash their hands afterwards." beilenson)"the only way to get this swine flu is touch a pig and touch the secretionn and touch your mouth or nose."the scare in ooher states, is not keeping anyone away from here. since there are been no cases of h-3-n-2 in maryland. (nats- washing pigs)-spray of water ("they keep themselves pretty warn: use precautions.. (mom)"i wasnt too worried about us as long as we wash our hands and everyone has a healthy immune syytem i was just happy to see it waa open for ussto see the pigs." (little girl) "pigg..!"(nats real pig snort))little ggrl)(girl imitates pig snort) (((standup)))"there are hundreds of pigs... like marshmallows.. watth this.. yikes!"there are plenty of wash stations... which are busy:(kid)"cause of all the bacteria you can get from not washing your hands you can eat something and get sick the next d
convention in charlotte. >>> a big break for casey anthony. why she suddenly has newfound freedom. >>> more scandalous photos could be on the way. >>> and divorce details, what katie holmes might be getting from her split with tom cruise. >>> i'm liz crenshaw. should you put an ice pack in your kid's school lunch to keep it safe? it safe? the anhe's made his choice. but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. for women... for president... the choice is ours. these days, hey, girls! nobody has time to get sick. mom, i don't feel good. but minute clinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sin
. tmz producer casey carver joins us live from l.a. casey, lindsay is not accused of taking the jewelry this time. what is the connection this time here? >> you're back. >> all right. let me ask you about lindsay lohan. she's not accused of taking jewelry in this case. what is she accused of? >> i heard her say she was back. i lost all -- . >> all right, we're going to move on. we're going to move on here. moving on. to other story. >>> about a family hollywood director tony scott. we told but this yesterday. denying reports that inoperatable brain cancer prompted him to take his own life. autopsy results are being deferred up to eight weeks until toxicology results can come in. he died after jumping off of a bridge in los angeles on sunday. he left behind several notes to loved ones. scott is best known for making films, including "top gun" and "beverly hills cop two." >>> controversial comments lead to calls for one congressman to call it quits. the mounting pressure for todd akin to abandon his bid for senator and defiance against his own party. >>> and growing attacks on u.s. forces
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